Friday, October 24, 2014

3 Enterprise Security Tenets To Take Personally

From InformationWeek:

3 Enterprise Security Tenets To Take Personally

"I recently bought a new house, and following recommended security practices, I had the door locks replaced, the security code on the garage-door opener changed, and the house alarm system upgraded. The process reminded me of what a locksmith told me years ago: You can't keep a thief from breaking in, but you can make it hard enough that he'll go where it is less risky.

Fast-forward to the Internet/cloud era, and that sage advice still holds true -- maybe even more so. The most recent breaches hitting, Home Depot, and the unfortunate theft of private photos from iCloud make it clear that even the US government, giant corporations, and advanced tech companies like Apple struggle to cope with the speed at which cyber-thieves are evolving their techniques. It's not a question of if someone can get into your accounts, but whether your security plan is a deterrent -- or makes you a target."

Couldn't have said it better myself.  No matter if it's personal or your SMB's data you need to take basic measures to ensure it is secured.

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