Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Is your phone line a '6-figure liability waiting to happen'?

Phreaking is alive and well it seems.  Another from Sophos Naked Security:

Is your phone line a '6-figure liability waiting to happen'?

"Telecommunications fraud experts told the New York Times that this is how the premium-service scheme works:
  1. Criminals sign up to lease premium-rate phone numbers from one of dozens of web-based services that charge dialers over $1 a minute (£.62) and give the lessee a cut - as high as 24 cents (£.15) for every minute spent on the phone.
  2. Next, the crooks break into a business's phone system and make calls through it to their premium number. They typically do it over a weekend, when nobody's around to notice. High-speed computers enable hundreds of simultaneous calls, forwarding as many as 220 minutes' worth of phone calls a minute to the pay line.
  3. The intruder gets their share of the charges, typically sent via a Western Union, MoneyGram or wire transfer."

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