Friday, July 17, 2015

Is Your Social Media Profile Being Used to Profile You?

From the Cyveillance blog:

Is Your Social Media Profile Being Used to Profile You?

I always wonder what some job seekers are thinking when they post on their personal social media accounts that they’re looking for work. One posting that recently caught my eye was a friend of a friend who posted on Facebook that she was seeking a receptionist role, a position that carries a fair amount of responsibility and visibility at an organization. Her profile was wide open. One click and I was able to preview the personality that I would be hiring; with a few more clicks, I was able to see pictures of her with her dog and friends, see who her brother and sister were, and other personal details.

Although social media usage is near ubiquitous now for most Internet users – with more than two billion active accounts worldwide and growing – and is a common method for personal communication, marketing, brand promotions, and other activities, many people still don’t fully grasp the security implications of using these sites, and how it can impact things like job searches.

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